Unbelievably, mankind had put a man on the moon 20 years before working out that it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage. Tiny wheels and collapsible handles first appeared on luggage in the 1980’s and although this was a great improvement, it wasn’t too long before we all realised that only part of the problem had been solved. As we struggled along pulling a heavy suitcase which had to be carried or dragged up steps and slopes and fell over because it was unevenly loaded, it was clear that luggage technology had some considerable way to go…..

Live Luggage is a British based company which has designed and manufactured the world’s first power assisted suitcase. Live Luggage launched in 2008 after spending 6 years designing, engineering and testing a world first – a unique range of powered luggage for the twenty-first century and beyond, with flat motor technology built into the wheels and a patented anti-gravity handle system. The result is that 85% of the weight of the packed case is automatically put over the wheels, weight distribution is optimised and the handle system lowers the centre of gravity of the case and drives the powered wheels effortlessly forward and up gradients and kerbs. The angle of the handle tilts the weight of a case onto the wheels and away from your arms and shoulders so really does take the strain out of hauling luggage.

Live Luggage, innovators in the field of power-assisted and “anti-gravity” luggage, manufacture a comprehensive range of suitcases, with a bag designed to suit everyone, whether they travel for business or leisure. We recognise not everyone requires power assistance and so we have also developed a non-powered range of luggage which is both stylish and also benefits from our patented anti-gravity handle.

Live Luggage is the brainchild of Clive Hemsley who came up with the concept of power assistance and anti-gravity handles after his mother died of a heart attack when carrying heavy cases through an airport. Surrounded by a team of dynamic and creative thinkers, Live Luggage continuously strives to combine innovation with style and practicality offering the customer a luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

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