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What is Live Locator

How it works – free service to our customers

In excess of 3 MILLION bags a year are lost in transit worldwide every year. Even more are misplaced or forgotten in hotels, taxis, restaurants etc. Very often, they are never re-united with their owners due to frail or missing name tags, or they are just not clearly marked. Not only can the luggage be expensive, but the contents are often irreplaceable.

Every piece of Live Luggage is tagged with a laser etched individual serial number. When you register your luggage with us, we keep your details on our secure database. You can always return to our website and keep the details updated if you change address or name.

In the event of your luggage not ending up at the same destination as you, airport staff, police or the finder can contact us via the details embedded on the luggage. Our system then matches the details with our registration database and then generates an automatic email to you, the bagowner, plus a text message to your cell phone giving details entered by the bagfinder. It is then a simple matter of arranging collection! Please note, however, that your details are safe with us and we would NEVER divulge your information to a third party!

This service is just one of the many ways that Live Luggage is making life easier for the traveller.

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